Production Packaging Line

Automatic Vertical Cartoning Machine

Automatic Vertical Cartoning Machine1. International famous brand of electrical component such as PLC touch screen, frequency inverters, etc
2. Adopt human-machine operation system.
3. Automatically displaying device for trouble, speed and finished products counting.
4. Machine running without pressing if no products or incorrect position of products. And stopping automatically if incorrect position of product into carton after return or no cartons or out of leaflets continuous.
5. No products not suction leaflet, no leaflet not suction carton .
6. Automatic detection and rejection device for lacking blister goods and leaflets
7. Protecting automatically for overloading.
8. Stable performance , operation is easy.


No. Items Performance
1 Power supply AC220V; 50Hz (may customized)
2 Power 1.1 Kw
3 Air source -0.6Mpa clean and stable compressed air
7 Production capacity 15-60 bottles/minute
8 Machine weight about 600Kg
9 Machine dimension (L×W×H) 2400mm×1500mm×1500mm

Automatic Cartonning Solution

Automatic Cartonning SolutionThis automatic cartonning system can be connected with our production line for putting bottles into carton which improve production efficiency.

The system can be made up of automatic carton erecting machine, cartonning machine( put bottles into carton automatically), carton sealing machine and carton strapping machine according to customer’s requirement.

Final proposal will be confirmed according the detailed product information and capacity requirement.

Automatic Cap Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealer

Automatic Cap Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil SealerThis sealer takes the electromagnetic induction principle as a basis, makes the aluminum foil produce bow wave and become heat. Then the membrane under aluminum foil will melt and adhesion to the opening of the PE&PET bottles, and then to make bottles sealed.


1. The high stress resistance components are quite reliable and the parameter specifications are wide.
2. It can be widely used for the sealing of abnormal bottles and big size mouth bottles.
3. The circulating water makes cooling.
4. The machine don’t need touch the bottle caps just cowling outside while sealing, GMP audit requirement can be conformed.


1 Speed 2000-3000 bottles/hour
2 Suitable cap diameter 40mm—245mm (May custom-tailor)
3 Suitable cap diameter Φ10mm~Φ60mm
4 Power 2.5kw
5 Voltage 220V 50Hz
6 Medium of rinse germfree water
7 Net Weight 200Kg
8 Size 1000×850×1500MM

Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

Automatic Bottle Washing MachineThis bottles rinse machine adopts continual tracking to spray and wash bottles.
High efficiency, well effect of rinse, it is suitable for different specifications of glass bottle and plastic bottle. Widely range, easy operating, convenient maintaining.


1. This machine applies to foodstuff, pharmacy, cosmetic, chemical and pesticide industries.
2. The machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen.
3. Conform to GMP standard.
4. According to different speed, the machine can equip with 16-24 washing heads.
5. It can contact with water or compression air for washing.


1 Speed 6000-8000 bottles/hour
2 Numbers of Manipulator 24
3 Specifaction of bottles Round bottle: φ40mm-φ100mm
Rectangle bottles: 106mmX88mm
Height of bottles: 150mm-320mm
4 Time of rinse 3 seconds (Max)
5 Time of deterring 2 seconds (Max)
6 Working Pressure 0.6-0.85Mpa
7 Air Consumption 0.8M3/Min
8 Power 2.2kw
9 Voltage 380V±5%(3Phase 5 wire)
10 Medium of rinse germfree water
11 Net Weight 1000Kg
12 Size 2000×1500×2200MM

Automatic Bottle Unscramble

Automatic Bottle UnscrambleAutomatic Bottle Unscramble is making up of bottle elevator , round plate, bottle-reject, bottle-arranging parts and the electrical cabinet . Put disordered bottles to the bottle elevator, through round plate, conveying belts, bottle arranging parts , then bottles can stand on the belts. This machine is characterized by the compact structure, simple operation principle, mature technique and stable movement.


No. Item Technical Data
1 Speed 90 bottles/min
2 Bottle Diameter Φ45-Φ90mm
3 Bottle Height 80-240mm
4 Power 1.5KW
5 Air Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
6 Voltage 380V 50/60HZ
7 Weight 450KG
8  Unscrambler  External dimensions 2600×1500×1500(L×W×H) mm
9 Bottle elevator  External dimensions 2200×1200×1900(L×W×H) mm

Bottle Feeding Turntable

Bottle Feeding TurntableThis rotating bottle feeder machine is use eccentricity from disc rotation,it will send the bottles to the conveyor under the action of bottle guide board ,then into the next process. This machine is suits forΦ30-100mm cylindrical shape bottle unscrambler. Machine use frequency to adjust speed, the whole machine use SS304and with long durability. Unscrambler speed can achieve 7,000 bottles / hour.


No. Item Technical Data
1 Speed 60-120 bottles/min
2 Bottle Diameter Φ40-Φ100mm
3 Power 1.5KW
4 Voltage 220V 50/60HZ
5 Weight 300KG
6  Machine dimension(L×W×H) 1700mm×1300mm×1350mm

Bottle Working Table Rolling Type

Bottle Working Table Rolling Type

1.Bottle collecting turntable is a buffer transition platform, used for collecting bottles which after packing.

2.The rolling type working table with the conveyor belt in the middle, workers can directly packing the bottles on the conveyor, then go to the next packing machine. It is made of SS304